WP4 - Passive, comfortable and healthy home solutions
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Focuses on efficiency, functionalisation and performance solutions, aiming at the development of new knowledge and technical and technologically innovative solutions/products with high intelligence capabilities that allow the functionalization of residential environments, in particular enhancing their comfort, health and the ability to actively and permanently monitor human health. The innovation underlying this axis also aims at the development of new knowledge and solutions/products aimed at promoting its efficiency (e.g. thermal and acoustic) and consequently enhanced comfort.
The understood initiatives aim to contribute strongly to the decarbonisation of the economy by focusing synergistically on the environmental and social fields, on pillars such as energy transition and digital transition from the materialization of passive, comfortable and healthy home solutions.
In the field of efficiency and functionalisation: innovative solutions for maximising the energy, thermal and acoustic efficiency of buildings, centered on the window frame and frame/glazing set (IPOWER); intelligent and sustainable roofing solutions that enhance the thermal comfort of buildings (i4ROOFS); construction solutions (ventilated facade and underfloor) for building enclosure optimisation of thermal performance and efficiency (PASSIVE HOUSE); high-thickness paving solutions with high recycled incorporation and optimized surface properties (CERAMIC FLOORING); innovative solutions sustained in the functionalization of multi-plastic parts application of the Agenda context and enhancers of functionality, connectivity, interactivity and comfort (INTELIPART); tactile panel solutions designed to support sustainable habits and routines of environmental preservation in buildings (SENSING HOME).
In the field of health and well-being: regular monitoring solution of data related to the health and well-being of the individual, which can be monitored in the environment of the WC (OLI HEALTH). Initiative implies the design of charging solutions that mitigate the risks of the proximity of electricity to water supply points, in a context of increasing use of electronic systems in the WC (OLIWPT); integrated system for removing volatile organic compounds from the bathroom, suction of toilet odors and dehumidification (OLI Air2.0). These solutions are associated with the initiative of reconception of processes/products for greater circularity and lower environmental footprint, aiming at a conscious and urgent environmental registration (OLIPUSH). They also integrate this WP actions that allow to strengthen and give productive, economic and industrial resilience to companies (OLITOT; OLI EVOLUTION).

PPS5 iNERGY&iPOWER PPS6 i4Roofs and Passive Home Solutions PPS7 OLI Health and Air2.0 PPS8 High thickness ceramic floor PPS9 Sensing home

PPS iNERGY&iPOWER aims to provide buildings with intelligent systems capable of managing the energy needs of the future, via a combination of high-performance solutions and economic rationality. In this context, it is proposed in this PPS the materialization (in SaaS context) of a new digital platform for managing the energy operation in buildings (at an individual level and in the context of Energy Communities). This platform is accompanied by the development of new sustainable solutions, with high integration with user routines, namely: (1) bi-directional charger; (2) Hybrid sealing solution for integration into different household appliances (with immediate applicability to smart window). Both developments aim at integration into domotic solutions.

PPS6 i4Roofs and Passive Home Solutions

i4Roofs aims to create innovative solutions for intelligent and sustainable roofs that ensure greater thermal comfort inside homes, and complements the Passive House Solutions proposal - passive energy solutions for building facades and floors. The first solution foresees the development of a constructive solution for the external envelope of buildings, consisting of layers and that favors prefabrication and adaptability to different building systems that, by combining insulation materials and cladding panels, constitutes a façade responsive to temperature, convection and radiation conditions, overcoming limitations identified in existing ventilated façade solutions. The other planned solution is a radiant floor system with an innovative geometry and incorporation of phase change materials for heating and cooling. In i4Roofs is planned the development of an intelligent waterproofing solution for application in flat roofs. In this project, in addition to improving the waterproofing properties, it is also intended to make these roofs useful, since the existing solutions currently have a great fragility, and therefore are not suitable for use, that can lead to an accelerated degradation of them. This solution corresponds to a composite consisting of a quick-drying membrane reinforced with a textile structure that contains sensors for monitoring the drying of the membrane and temperature, identification of the presence of cracks, evaluation of the most stressed areas, allowing through artificial intelligence, to implement predictive mechanisms of failure/cracking of the waterproofing membrane.

PPS7 OLI Health and Air2.0

The PPS embodies a new technological concept associated with intelligent buildings, in particular the WC. It comprises different initiatives within this integrated concept, namely:
OLI Health: In line with recent developments in smart buildings and with potential positive impact on the national health system, these products an innovative solution for the regular monitoring of data related to the health and well-being of the individual, in built environments, specifically in the WC. In particular, the aim is to develop a technological solution that will allow the continuous monitoring of physiological parameters in a convenient and non-intrusive manner and the detection of deviations with potential clinical importance, in particular as regards the monitoring of inflammatory diseases of the urinary, intestinal and/or gynecological tracts, metabolic diseases (such as diabetes) and support for referral of colorectal cancer and bladder.
OLI Air2.0: The initiative is based on a system for the destruction of polluting particles/micro-organisms and the elimination of bad odors associated with health systems, integrated with a purification system that allows the release of neutralized air to the environment, enhancing the associated comfort. The intention is to develop a system capable of eliminating bad odors in the bathroom, using a compact and integrated system. 
In parallel to the above, it should be noted that these solutions, effectively rely on the collection technologies through specific sensors enabling Iot technologies and Sensorization systems, as central brains.

PPS8 High thickness ceramic floor

The market for high-thickness ceramic products has experienced significant growth in recent years due to its technical characteristics and ease of installation. 
The aim is to develop a new product embodied in a new concept of high-thickness ceramic floors with high recycled incorporation and optimised surface properties, distancing itself from the market for this type of product, which is today still manifestly limited. In particular, the product aims to ensure the reduction of energy input; the optimization of pulp compositions to reduce cycles and lower firing temperatures; the incorporation of a high percentage of recycled materials (i.e. cooked caco) the ability to change the properties of the surface properties in the light of the intended use (i.e. anti-slip; insulating, reflective properties;...). The change in the surface characteristics of cooked products by action in the process parameters/raw materials before firing represents a significant breakthrough in industry. In addition, the green nature of the product resulting from the substitution effects of natural products (i.e. natural stone and natural wood) and the reduced need to use glues should be noted.
This product is inherent in a production system with high versatility and optimized information management. In particular, it highlights the obvious innovation in the production process, as regards the use of mold-free pressing and raw cutting systems, and the use of microwaves, disruptive in the field of flooring and coating products.

PPS9 Sensing home

The initiative, within the scope of Doppler, aims to create tactile panels to support sustainable habits and routines of environmental preservation in domestic spaces, which will be integrated into the plastic pieces that comprise them, incorporating capacitive systems developed using printed electronics technologies. The integration of electronic films into the injected plastic panel is fundamental in the product, It is proposed to develop and implement over injection methodologies that maintain the integrity of electronic devices during the production process. These technologies will be complemented with machine learning techniques aimed at valuing the information collected and making useful information available to users. These panels find applicability in air conditioning units and water heaters contributing to the technological training and energy management of domestic spaces. These panels, which integrate functional printed electronics, will be incorporated by in-Mould-Labelling (IMD) during the injection molding process and combined with Sensorization systems and the referred machine Learning component, aiming to capitalize the aggregated knowledge for the behavioral design and design aesthetics (rhetorical form design) in the implementation and validation process.